Why an Intervention



As with so many other problems, so many parents, families, friends and loved ones don’t know how or where to start. Drug addiction should not be taken lightly and I often find that many people simply lack the knowledge and education. The most important thing to understand is that addiction changes people and when people are actively using, they are completely consumed by the addiction. It turns them into people even they never wanted to be. Without the proper help and proper education, trying to help your drug addicted loved one is not only difficult, but can often enable their addiction and keep them sick.

The role of the interventionist is to help the family understand the nature of addiction and how to effectively treat it. In addition, the interventionist stands in as a neutral third party, keeping the best interest of the family and addict in mind. Most importantly, the interventionist helps break the family out of it’s unhealthy patterns that can often keep the addict tangled in their addiction. When you hire me for an intervention, I will educate your family and loved ones, help you stage a truly effective intervention and help you get your addicted loved one to a rehabilitation program that will best suit the individual needs.

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