People ask me this question often. Even though there are previous Q & A articles that outline some things, I thought it would be beneficial to answer this directly. What are some of the early warning signs that someone is a cluster B? Here are a few things to watch for.


  • They are very charming when you first meet them
  • You feel quickly drawn to them
  • You feel a high level of attraction very quickly
  • They seem very adventurous and fun when you first meet them
  • They can be very flirtatious and sometimes very sexual in the beginning
  • They talk a lot about all the people in their lives that have treated them poorly
  • They talk like a victim
  • They have a big sob story
  • They have difficulty holding down a job and often say that they were unjustly treated in their workplaces
  • They seem to lack friendships
  • They only talk about themselves, they don’t seem interested in you
  • They show early signs of jealousy, even after only a couple of encounters

*If you are in a relationship with a cluster B or currently involved with a custody battle with a cluster B, the right kind of help is available. I can help you make adjustments in your communication that will make the process smoother. I offer individual counseling as well as custody evaluation consultation. My goal is to help bring optimal outcomes for the children involved. If this is your goal too, then give me a call at 385.202.4174 or you can email me at

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