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I am experienced and qualified to provide therapy treatment in the following areas.

Youth services/family consultation

I offer a unique approach and service if your teen is trouble. What I have found, many times, is that parents simply don’t know where to start. They find themselves lost in a maze of questions and uncertainties, wanting the best for their child while not knowing what kind of help they need or how to get it. I can help you determine the nature and extent of the problems you are having while also providing a point of reference. Learn More…

The Power Parenting Method

A few years ago, I volunteered at my therapy agency to write and teach a parenting class for our parents who had teens in trouble with the law. I based my class on many of the skills that I had learned while working in treatment centers designed for troubled youth. I had built many skills over the years that helped me overcome challenges and obstacles with some of the countries toughest kids. Learn More…