The unfortunate truth is that recovery from a cluster B personality disorder is quite rare. Cases of recovery have been document but I personally have only seen one. Generally, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is used to help cluster B personality disorders learn tools to manage their emotions. The skills and tools in DBT are also designed to help them learn to look at things differently; from different perspective. People with personality disorders have a strong tendency to look at life and situations as nothing but black and white; they are unable to see the gray areas. DBT is designed to help them shift their way of thinking. I want to note that it is unusual for narcissists and antisocials to seek therapy and usually when they do land in front of a therapist or psychologist, it’s usually because of a court order. There is a relatively new therapy model that is being used in some settings called Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) that is showing to have some positive results with antisocials. MRT is designed to force an antisocial to view things differently through a series of assignments with strict requirements and stipulations for completion. Antisocials almost always seek ways to cut corners and have a hard time understanding why this behavior is problematic. MRT is designed to curb this behavior.


*If you are in a relationship with a cluster B or currently involved with a custody battle with a cluster B, the right kind of help is available. I can help you make adjustments in your communication that will make the process smoother. I offer individual counseling as well as custody evaluation consultation. My goal is to help bring optimal outcomes for the children involved. If this is your goal too, then give me a call at 385.202.4174 or you can email me at

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