When a therapist or psychologist refers to “cluster B” they are talking about a specific cluster of personality disorders from the DSM 5. The DSM 5 is a book that we use to diagnose mental health disorders. There are three clusters of personality disorders in the DSM 5 and they are all clustered together because they share common traits.


Cluster B refers to a group of personality disorders that are the most common, the most difficult to treat and the most damaging to other people because they exhibit highly chaotic relationship styles. The four personality disorders in cluster B are borderline, histrionic, narcissistic and antisocial. They share a lot of common traits and exhibit a lot of similar behaviors. The most common personality disorders in this cluster are borderline and narcissistic. So if you hear someone referred to as a cluster B, they are likely narcissistic or borderline. Because borderline occurs most commonly in females, if a woman is referred to as a cluster B, she is likely a borderline. Narcissistic personality disorder occurs most commonly in males so if a male is referred to as a cluster B, he is mostly likely narcissistic. But this is not always the case, this is just what is most common.

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