In my experience, Cluster B personality disorders are not hereditary in the genetic sense but are hereditary in a learned sense. In other words, cluster B personality disorders usually develop because of nurture factors vs. nature factors. It’s extremely common for a cluster B to have a parent or parents that also meet the criteria for a personality disorder. Children learn how the world works mostly from their parents and are likely to adopt the same attitudes and relationship styles as their parents. Often, the environment isn’t validating or caring; it lacks empathy. When a child lacks a nurturing or caring parent, a personality disorder can easily develop. Children and teenagers are extremely egocentric and have difficulty seeing things through another person’s point of view but this is mostly because their brain is underdeveloped and lacks the ability. Many people become arrested in this stage and don’t successfully advance from it when they become an adult. It’s also common for personality disorders to develop from childhood trauma and/or a lack of positive attachment to happen within the home.


*If you are in a relationship with a cluster B or currently involved with a custody battle with a cluster B, the right kind of help is available. I can help you make adjustments in your communication that will make the process smoother. I offer individual counseling as well as custody evaluation consultation. My goal is to help bring optimal outcomes for the children involved. If this is your goal too, then give me a call at 385.202.4174 or you can email me at


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