Personal Consultation

I offer the following services for non-local individuals seeking consultation for high conflict situations:

High Conflict Relationships – Socratic questioning

I work with clients that are in high conflict relationships to help them develop some more effective communication through a questioning method that has proven to be more effective in reducing conflict. Clients that learn to use this report that they have less conflict and make more progress in their relationships.

High Conflict Divorce and Custody

A lot of people enter into high conflict divorce and custody situations and go into it blind. High conflict individuals are sometimes individuals who have a cluster B personality disorder which is a reference to a group of personality disorders that includes Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) and Anti-social Personality Disorder (ASPD). These individuals have a tendency to power struggle in divorce and custody disputes and keep these battles going indefinitely. Attorneys don’t have a working knowledge of how these individuals work and how to effectively deal with these situations. Attorneys tend to escalate divorce and custody as well. Many people find themselves locked into a virtual labyrinth with court cases and the harder they try to solve it, the more entangled they become.

I offer help to those that need help in making sense of these crazy and chaotic situations in order to help them bring a faster resolution. There are specific ways to deal with high conflict individuals and high conflict situations to help keep them from escalating further and many of my clients find these types of consultations to be quite helpful.

Documentation Review

Many of my clients find it to be extremely helpful to have documentation reviewed in their high conflict divorce and custody situations. I will look over the claims, threats, allegations and issues being discussed and provide feedback to help clients make sense of these overwhelming situations. When I review documentation, I provide notes on the document and identity items of concern, red flags, contradictions, concerns to pursue and different ways to approach individual issues. My clients find this service to be highly valuable as it not only helps them make sense of situation but it also helps them lay many of their fears to rest.

Some examples of documentation that I review for clients includes emails, court petitions, psychological evaluations, custody evaluations, etc.

If you are in need of any of these services, fill out the contact form to discuss services needed at hourly rates.