Fees and Insurance


Currently, I am on the following insurance provider networks:

Regence/Blue Cross and Blue Shield

EMI Health

Health Utah

Galaxy Health Network


Health West

Multi plan

I am currently applying to join additional networks and anticipate that I will be joining a few more in the near future. This part of my website will be updated as I join different insurance panels.

Some services, particularly under youth and family services and custody evaluations are not services that are covered by insurance companies. I accept all major credit cards through SQUARE. A list of my services and the respective fees is included below.

*Also note that many insurance companies do one time agreements and will reimburse you after I provide an invoice for the services rendered. Some insurance plans also offer out of network benefits and will cover services. Please consult your insurance provider to determine if they will pay for services or not.

Initial twenty minute consultation: Free

Individual or Family therapy 50 minute session: $125 | Please note that this fee is different than high conflict consultation and contract work.