Custody Evaluation


I have recently began providing custody evalutation services. Many people have had this evaluation ordered by the judge in order to settle a custody battle. My goal as an evaluator is to provide you with a fair and honest evaluation. Research indicates that children are generally happier and healthier when they have open access to both parents, provided, of course, that the parent is neither abusive or neglectful. My goal is to determine whether each parent is a fit parent while avoiding parent alienation syndrome. My goal is also to help ensure the happiness, healthiness and safety of the children. The outcome of my evaluation is evidence based, meaning that determinations are made based on clinical research while avoiding personal opinions and biases. I also offer this service at a reduced rate and a shorter time frame than other evaluators.

If you would like to begin this process, you can use the links below to download the paperwork needed to move things forward. These documents outline the evaluation process and the services included. You may also contact me with questions.

Documents for Custody Evaluation.