Scott M Carter, CMHC


I am a native Utahn and I love living in Salt Lake City. I am originally from Orem, Utah and moved to Salt Lake in the spring of 2011. I first entered the mental health field at the age of 22. I acquired a job at residential treatment center for troubled youth. It sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. That one decision has forever changed my life. Not only did I love it but I became very good at it. I entered grad school in 2007, got my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix and have been working as a therapist since late 2010.

I enjoy watching basketball and football, I enjoy playing basketball and ultimate frisbee. I also love to ride my bicycle on beautiful days. I get endless fulfillment when I spent time with good friends and the people that see the good in me and are always there to encourage me.

Having overcome many of my own inner battles, I decided that I want to help others discover some of the personal freedom that comes with personal empowerment. I continue to blaze my own trail through personal growth and improvement. Part of what I enjoy about being a therapist is that it helps remind me to work on myself.